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Terry O'Reilly

 OReilly Terry cr. Sidney OReilly  
      Photo credit: Sidney O'Reilly

 OReilly This I Know
Terry O’Reilly

Terry O’Reilly is the award-winning co-founder of Pirate Radio and Television in Toronto and New York. Together with Mike Tennant he created the CBC Radio series O’Reilly on Advertising and The Age of Persuasion. He currently hosts Under the Influence on CBC Radio One, which became the inspiration for his most recent book, This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence.

Lauréat de nombreux prix, Terry O’Reilly est l’un des co-fondateurs de Pirate Radio and Television basé à Toronto et New York. Avec Mike Tennant, il a créé pour CBC Radio, les émissions O’Reilly on Advertising et The Age of Persuasion. Il anime actuellement Under the Influence sur CBC Radio One, qui a inspiré son livre le plus récent, This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence. 

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