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The Frye Festival exists to feed imaginations and to celebrate reading and writing by connecting authors with our bilingual community. By inviting award-winning authors, the best new voices in Canadian literature and talented international writers, the Festival creates opportunities to discover books, share ideas and build the imagination.

We are proud to create contexts for learning and creativity with readers and writers of all ages in our great bilingual community.

In April 2019, we will:
  • Organize 90 author visits in schools, daycares and community centres all over New Brunswick at absolutely no cost to schools or students
  • Distribute nearly $5,000 worth of books in schools and the community
  • Celebrate the literary talents of 230 youth through events such as Imagination at Work, Budding Writers, Words on Stage and the Provincial Creative Writing Contest
  • Offer cash prizes and free half-day writing workshops with Festival authors for the winners of our Provincial Creative Writing Contest
  • Give the Frye Academy X jury of bilingual high school students the chance to meet the winning author of the literary debate
The Frye Festival is a registered charity. We count on support from generous donors every year to make our programs happen. Please consider donating online—it only takes a few minutes. Thank you for your support!