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From authors: 

''It was very interesting to see the same reality through the lenses of two different languages. In Montréal, we often talk about the two languages as two solitudes. But in Moncton, they seem to make a good team.''
- Yann Martel, author

''This was a very well-run festival. A tiny giant.'' 
- Cybèle Young, author

''One of the best festivals I've ever attended, and certainly among the finest in Canada. […] I would return in a heartbeat.''
- CS Richardson, author

''My publicist was absolutely right when she said: ''You will love it!''
- Evan Stachniak, author

''The opportunity to share my poetry with a multilingual audience who, take to the variety of music, performance and prose, might not always be a poetry audience was amazing...''
- Matthew Henderson, author

''A beautifully organized festival with interesting and varied events. Lovely to combine the two langauges! Long may it flourish!''
- Jane Urquhart, author

''It was inspiring, emboldening – days and nights of literary events which seamlessly blended English- and French-language writers. The Frye program showed a level of courage that I rarely even see […] with a bilingual moderator, bilingual audiences, bilingual questions. It’s a testament to New Brunswickers, Acadians, all of Moncton’s open-minded patrons of the arts, but forget the various tribes: By ignoring language barriers, just traipsing on regardless, the festival short-circuited debates on language and identity, ''nations'' and diaspora. Instead of talking about all that we just talked about books, characters, metaphor. We just got on with it […], assembled, tout le monde ensemble.''
- Sean Michaels, author. Excerpted from the Globe and Mail, May 8, 2015

From community members:

''I just wanted to thank the organizers of KidsFest. Wonderful job! We brought our two children, 8 and 4, to it and they love dit! The different booths, the seamless integration of French and English, the variety of activities and age-specific stuff […] all worked wonderfully.''
- Paul Toner, parent

''Over the past ten years, the Frye Festival has positioned itself as one of Moncton’s signature events. While embracing the bilingual nature of our region, it transforms our city into a literary wonderland, inspiring all participants to expand their horizons and feed their imaginations.''
- George LeBlanc, former Mayor of Moncton

Students who have participated in the Frye Festival writing contest have continued with their writing talents and pursued careers in communications, journalism, teaching, law. One student was able to buy glasses after receiving a cash prize for having won the writing contest. 
- Kathy Prosser, Moncton High School English teacher 
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