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Frye Fest at a Glance

The Frye Festival has something for everyone!

Evening Extravaganzas
Soirée Frye, the Maillet-Frye Lecture and other evening events mixing words and music.

Web 52 of 65Frye Jam
Local musicians Les Païens accompany readings by Festival authors. 
Authors in Conversation
Led by experienced moderators able to ask the right questions, Authors in Conversation events allow for an engaging debate that will feed your imagination!

Sit comfortably and embark on a wonderful journey as authors read excerpts from their works in the language in which they write.

Book Clubs

Get to know the person behind the book through these intimate one-on-one conversations about writing experiences and literary adventures of all sorts.

Writing Workshops
Hone your craft or learn something completely new.   

School-Youth Program
This program ensures the integration of children from K to 12 in the Festival's program. Within this major program we offer youth performance events (Café Underground and Budding Writers), a writing display (Imagination at Work) and creation opportunities (Writing Contest). We also send authors in schools to visit close to 8,000 students in NB.

A multitude of activities focused on the magic of words: games, book swaps, crafts, storytelling and readings by renowned children's authors' literature from across Canada.

Pop & Frye
is a series of lectures presented free of charge by the Frye Festival and dedicated to the discovery and appreciation of popular culture.  These events are held throughout the year.

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